We have always bought glass
My father, me and now my son recover them
and we have warehouses full of historic glass, very beautiful items

In the FORLINI1921 craft workshop the passing of the time is frozen: the generations of Forlini follow one another at work but the techniques and the materials used by them for the restoration and reconstruction have remained unchanged as those in the 18th and 19th centuries.

In one hundred years of history and activity, the Forlini Master Craftsmen have tirelessly continued to research and recover two kinds of treasures.

On the one hand old designs, projects and drawings of the various types of chandeliers, creating an important historical archive.

On the other hand the ancient and historical materials (glass structural components, glass decorative elements, glass and metal stems) with which the chandeliers were made, giving life to a collection / archive / catalog of inestimable value and of great historical-artistic value.

(photo of a Murano glass chandeliers cup made in the early 19th century, from the Forlini Historical Pieces Collection)
(photo of an old drawing made in the late 19th century of a Rezzonico chandelier realized in the early 19th century, from the Forlini Historical Designs Archive)

The value of our chandeliers is that
they are made following old designs
from our historical archive

At the same time they have perpetrated and maintained the ancient craft techniques learned in turn from the Venetian tradition of restorers.

In their daily work, therefore, the Forlini have been using authentic components of the various eras of the chandeliers for a century, assembling them in the historical way, restoring them with the same techniques with which they were made at the time (for example by repainting the damaged gilded glass by hand, with real 24k pure gold) and still making by hand the missing elements of lesser value such as: the pewter bushes (with a square and / or round base) for grafting the arms into the case backs of the gardens, the stems of the arms in wrought iron and gilded, the spikes for the candles and the exposed external electrification for the light bulbs, the case backs of the gardens in solid wood cut out from old salvaged secular beams coming from ancient ruins of Venice and the Venetian hinterland.

The main aspect of FORLINI1921’s work is the RECONSTRUCTION of chandeliers.

Starting from the ancient drawings of the Forlini Historical Design Archive, choosing the type and main characteristics, the Master Craftsman Forlini (today Roberto) identifies the necessary components and authentic historical elements, among those present in the Forlini Historical Pieces Collection.

Then he handmakes the necessary minor elements according to tradition and finally he assembles everything to complete the reconstruction of the specimen.

Every single chandelier reconstructed in the FORLINI1921 craft workshop is a one of a kind.
Despite being made following historical designs and with authentic vintage components, the shades of colors and the decorative details (leaves, flowers and cornucopias) are chosen by Master Forlini on the basis of his creative flair in order to give a precise identity to each piece, even if always in line with the type of chandelier made and the historical era of the design and components.

We work with the same techniques
that were used in the 18th century
a piece is inserted, cut, tested on the chandelier and so on

The RESTORATION, although not being less important artistically and historically, is a secondary aspect of the work of the Forlini family.
The specimens (privately, public and / or museum property) received for restoration, are restored as faithfully as possible to their original appearance, again using the historical techniques and period components most suitable for each individual case, chosen from those of the Forlini Historical Pieces Collection.