Over the course of four generations of history and activity, the Master Craftsmen of the Forlini family have continued to tirelessly research and recover old designs and projects of the various types of chandeliers, creating an important historical archive.
These drawings come from the most disparate sources and are mainly sketches and initial drafts and/or portraits at the end of the work, presumably made by the master glassmakers of the old furnaces as a project as well as by the shop assistants for the purpose of archiving.

These are not the initial original designs of the first Murano chandeliers made by names such as Briati, Salviati etc. However, they represent the work of the brilliant and tireless glass masters of Murano who over the centuries from the 18th to the early 20th century have continued to develop and pass on the tradition of this Venetian artisan art.

Here below is an excerpt of the drawings from the FORLINI HISTORICAL ARCHIVE, representing the models most requested by customers and most frequently reconstructed by Master Craftsman Roberto Forlini.


A fundamental aspect of the passion and activity of the Forlini’s, a determining and very important element in the history of the family, consists in the constant commitment to the finding, recovery, conservation and cataloging of all the historical and ancient components of the chandeliers (cups, leaves, flowers, collars, bushes, cornucopias, crests, arms etc all made of Murano glass, iron stems, pewter and iron bushes).

These treasures come on the one hand from antique chandeliers too damaged or broken to be restored, result of clearing of disused private Venetian buildings or of exchanges with customers, and on the other hand from residues of contemporary or more historical production by old Venetian workshops and ancient Murano furnaces that occasionally needed to free their warehouses to make room for newer and current productions.

Here below is a small representative selection of images of the most ancient and precious Murano glass components for chandeliers, from the FORLINI HISTORICAL COLLECTION, which are used in the FORLINI1921 craft workshop by the Master Craftsman for reconstructions and restorations.