We do those little things...
but we make great chandeliers.

In one hundred years of history, the Master Craftsmen of the Forlini family have restored and especially reconstructed countless chandeliers and it is impossible to determine a quantity.

Since the engine of this work for the Forlini’s family has always been PASSION, their greatest satisfaction and the only important thing to them was to deliver the finished works in a workmanlike manner to their customers (whether they were private individuals, public organizations, churches or museums).

Furthermore, until the 1970s it was first almost impossible and later prohibitive to realize photographic documentation of one’s works by an artisan laboratory. Especially since up until those years, the best reference was word of mouth among satisfied customers.

Only since the 1980s Master Craftsman Roberto Forlini began photographing his works, on the one hand to start keeping track of the work of the family and to keep the tradition alive, on the other because with the massive advent also in Italy of marketing and advertising even on a daily basis (and no longer just for multinational companies) this is useful as a reference for acquiring new customers. Even if word of mouth always remains the best tool in artistic and craft sectors of great value.

Here below is a small selection of photographs of some chandeliers reconstructed by the Master Roberto Forlini over the last few decades, up to now.